Biomedical papers, 2016 (vol. 160), issue 1

Review articles

HMGB1, S100 proteins and other RAGE ligands in cancer - markers, mediators and putative therapeutic targets

Petra Tesarova, Marta Kalousova, Tomas Zima, Vladimir Tesar

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):1-10 | 10.5507/bp.2016.003

Interaction of RAGE with its many ligands in patients with different types of cancer has been the subject of several recent reviews always related to either specific tumours, or specific RAGE ligand. This article attempts to cover the whole area and should be of general interest to oncologists.

Chemical inhibition of DNA repair kinases as a promising tool in oncology

Kamila Durisova, Barbora Salovska, Jaroslav Pejchal, Ales Tichy

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):11-19 | 10.5507/bp.2015.046

The use of specific inhibitors to prevent DNA repair in tumour cells, is a promising therapeutic strategy in cancer treatment but the insufficient serum half-life and poor solubility of these inhibitors are factors limiting their use in clinical practice. This review summarizes recent studies on novel small-molecule inhibitors of pivotal DNA repair kinases and underlines the importance of clinical trials needed to assess their efficacy in vivo.

Emergency situations in rheumatology with a focus on systemic autoimmune diseases

Jiri Vymetal, Martina Skacelova, Andrea Smrzova, Anna Klicova, Marketa Schubertova, Pavel Horak, Josef Zadrazil

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):20-29 | 10.5507/bp.2016.002

This paper is an overview of emergency situations which can be encountered in the care of patients with autoimmune systemic diseases and vasculitides. It is directed to clinicians in intensive care and tries to present a differential diagnostic overview and orientation in the field of problematics which are commonly ignored in the literature for rheumatologists, internists and anesthesiologists.

The analgesic efficacy of remifentanil for labour. Systematic review of the recent literature

Petr Stourac, Martina Kosinova, Hana Harazim, Martin Huser, Petr Janku, Simona Littnerova, Jiri Jarkovsky

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):30-38 | 10.5507/bp.2015.043

The aim of the article is to evaluate the literature on the analgesic efficacy of remifentanil during labour (measured as a Visual Analogue Scale decrease in the first hour by 2 or more). The authors describe possible modes of application, dosage and side-effects for mother, fetus/ newborn in review. The meta-analysis confirms the efficacy of remifentanil for labour though Questions remain which can only be answered by further randomized trials.

Quantification of selected antidepressants and antipsychotics in clinical samples using chromatographic methods combined with mass spectrometry: A review (2006-2015)

Pavel Sistik, Miroslav Turjap, Andreea Maria Iordache, Helena M.E.B. Saldanha, Karel Lemr, Petr Bednar

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):39-53 | 10.5507/bp.2015.065

The current chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods used in therapeutic drug monitoring of major antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs in body fluids and tissues are summarized for the period 2006-2015. The article provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of sample preparation procedures, analyte stability, analytical (validation) parameters achieved by various methods as well as description and comparison of different methods.

Toxicology and the biological role of methanol and ethanol: Current view

Miroslav Pohanka

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):54-63 | 10.5507/bp.2015.023

Ethanol and methanol are an emerging health problem; abuse of ethanol containing beverages can lead to disparate health problems and methanol is highly toxic and unfit for consumption. This article summarizes basic knowledge about alcohol toxicity, effects on the body, current care of poisoned individuals and the implication of alcohols in the development of diseases. Alcohol related dementia, stroke, metabolic syndrome and hepatitis are discussed.

Original contributions

A novel genetic- and cell-based tool for assessing the efficacy and toxicity of anticancer drugs in vitro

Lan Kluwe, Wei Jiang, Ina Alster, Henning Hanken

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):64-69 | 10.5507/bp.2015.057

The authors developed a genetic- and cell-based tool for testing the efficacy and toxicity of anticancer drugs.

Serum carboxymethyl-lysine, a dominant advanced glycation end product, is increased in women with gestational diabetes mellitus

Vendula Bartakova, Radana Kollarova, Katarina Kuricova, Katarina Sebekova, Jana Belobradkova, Katerina Kankova

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):70-75 | 10.5507/bp.2015.045

The authors found significantly higher levels of carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus than healthy controls. This is a first study on CML levels in connection with persisting glucose abnormality postpartum.

TLR2 and TLR4 expression on CD14++ and CD14+ monocyte subtypes in adult-onset autoimmune diabetes

Pavlina Cejkova, Iva Nemeckova, Jan Broz, Marie Cerna

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):76-83 | 10.5507/bp.2015.016

Dysfunction of the key effectors of innate immunity, peripheral blood monocytes, changes in their numbers or altered expression of their pattern-recognition receptors and cytokines, may play a role in the development/ progression of autoimmune diabetes. The authors analysed the proportions and absolute numbers of two monocyte subtypes, CD14++ and CD14+, measured the expression of monocytic prolactin and toll-like receptors 2 and 4, and verified the potential relationship between the molecular markers studied and clinical markers of inflammation. They identified differences that may reflect immune and/or inflammatory processes taking place in adult-onset autoimmune diabetes, including T1DM and latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA).

Relationship of differences in immunoglobulin heavy/light chain pairs (HevyliteTM), selected laboratory parameters and stratification systems in different immunochemical types of multiple myeloma

Vlastimil Scudla, Pavel Lochman, Tomas Pika, Jiri Minarik, Jana Zapletalova, Jaroslav Bacovsky

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):84-93 | 10.5507/bp.2015.032

The study confirmed the significance of immunoglobulin heavy/light chain ratio corrected index, id est the ratio of serum levels of involved/uninvolved immunoglobulin heavy/light chain levels to standard prognostic factors and stages 1-3 according to Durie-Salmon and International Staging System in IgG and IgA type of multiple myeloma.

Evaluation of cytokines and soluble adhesion molecules in patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia: the role of TNF-alpha and FLT3-ITD

Tomas Kupsa, Jan Vanek, Martina Vasatova, Iva Karesova, Pavel Zak, Ladislav Jebavy, Jan M. Horacek

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):94-99 | 10.5507/bp.2015.036

Cytokines and adhesion molecules are important in the microenvironment of malignant diseases. The authors found that leukocyte count and levels of some cytokines correlate with levels of adhesion molecules and are affected by the FLT3-ITD mutation found in acute myeloid leukemia (AML), possibly linked to endothelial cell activation. Disruption of these interactions may suggest novel approaches to overcoming the high resistance of AML to treatment.

Gastrointestinal comorbidities in patients with psoriasis in the Czech Republic: The results of 189 patients with psoriasis and 378 controls

Katerina Juzlova, Jana Votrubova, Martina Dzambova, Dana Gopfertova, Jana Hercogova, Zdeněk Smerhovsky

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):100-105 | 10.5507/bp.2015.048

This is the first investigation of gastrointestinal autoimmune diseases in patients with psoriasis in the Czech Republic. The results confirm that these patients should be regularly screened for coeliac and inflammatory bowel disease. Early diagnosis and assessment of risk factors have the potential to prevent complications and improve the patient's quality of life.

Increase of serum interleukin 6 and interferon γ is associated with the number of impulses in patients with supraventricular arrhythmias treated with radiofrequency catheter ablation

Radek Pudil, Martina Vasatova, Petr Parizek, Ludek Haman, Lucie Horakova, Vladimir Palicka

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):106-110 | 10.5507/bp.2015.038

The aim of the study was to assess immune parameters in peripheral blood of patients with supraventricular arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter and atrioventricular nodal reentry tachycardia) treated with radiofrequency catheter ablation for supraventricular arrhythmias. The immune parameters (IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-2, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, VEGF, IFNγ, EGF, MCP-1, and TNFα) were measured using biochip-based multi array system.

The influence of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy on mortality in type 1 diabetic patients; 10-year follow-up

Silvie Lacigova, Jitka Brozova, Daniela Cechurova, Jitka Tomesova, Michal Krcma, Zdenek Rusavy

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):111-117 | 10.5507/bp.2015.063

The strongest predictor of mortality in Type 1 diabetic patients was found to be cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and systolic blood pressure. Age and diabetes duration were not significant in this study. The age-specific mortality rate in the 35 -39 years old for the Czech Republic is 3/1000/year for men and 0,9/1000/year for women. Mortality rate in CAN+ patients is 12,6/1000/year, but in CAN- patients it is almost the same as in non-diabetic patients (2,4/1000/year).

Mortality in patients with TIMI 3 flow after PCI in relation to time delay to reperfusion

Teodora Vichova, Marek Maly, Jaroslav Ulman, Zuzana Motovska

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):118-124 | 10.5507/bp.2015.015

The relationship between the time delay and outcomes of patients with myocardial infarction, as well as the association of shorter time delay with higher incidence of postprocedural TIMI 3 flow have already been established. However, the data in this study show that time to reperfusion is critical even in patients with achievement of TIMI 3 flow in primary PCI and may be used in the clinical practice as a simple prognostic stratification tool in this subgroup of patients who might be otherwise considered as 'lower-risk' patients.

Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension after the first episode of pulmonary embolism? How often?

Zdenek Vavera, Jan Vojacek, Radek Pudil, Jaroslav Maly, Pavel Elias

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):125-129 | 10.5507/bp.2015.021

Patients surviving acute pulmonary embolism are at risk of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) development even after the first thromboembolic event in their history. The data from this prospective study showed a 4.2 % incidence of this long-term complication among such patients. CTEPH deserves to be taken into consideration in any differential diagnosis program for dyspnoea.

Monitoring of allograft vasculopathy by intravascular ultrasound one month and one year after heart transplantation: A single center study

Helena Bedanova, Marek Orban, Martin Tretina, Petr Fila, Vladimir Horvath, Jan Krejci, Petr Nemec

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):130-135 | 10.5507/bp.2015.034

This investigation confirms underdiagnosed cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) by angiography and shows that IVUS is a sensitive method for detection of CAV. The authors established a more frequent progression of donor-transmitted atherosclerosis (DTA) and maximal intimal thickness (MIT) one year after HTx. IVUS shows itself as a valuable adjunct to angiography and the optimal diagnostic tool for early detection of CAV.

Absence of Borrelia burgdorferi in the myocardium of subjects with normal left ventricular systolic function: a study using PCR and electron microscopy

Petr Kuchynka, Tomas Palecek, Tomas Grus, Jaroslav Lindner, Dagmar Berenova, Zuzana Kurzova, Pavla Balatova, Daniel Krsek, Ivana Vitkova, Eduard Nemecek, Jana Podzimkova, Anna Barbara Danek, Ales Linhart

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):136-139 | 10.5507/bp.2015.051

This study is the only one demonstrating the absence (using both polymerase chain reaction and electron microscopy) of Borrelia burgdorferi in the myocardium of subjects with normal left ventricular systolic function and no history of Lyme disease or myocarditis. The absence of B. burgdorferi in these individuals supports the idea of its pathogenicity in the development of dilated cardiomyopathy.

The critical points in induction of experimental autoimmune uveitis

Aneta Klimova, Petra Seidler Stangova, Petra Svozilkova, John V. Forrester, Izabela Klaska, Jarmila Heissigerova

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):140-142 | 10.5507/bp.2015.056

Experimental autoimmune uveitis in mice is a model of chronic posterior uveitis of autoimmune etiology. The correct laboratory procedure and reagent application is essential for establishment of a reproducible model.

Long-term follow-up of posterior capsule opacification after AquaLase and NeoSoniX phacoemulsification

Alexandr Stepanov, Jana Nekolova, Nada Jiraskova, Pavel Rozsival

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):143-148 | 10.5507/bp.2015.039

This was a prospective study comparing the degree of posterior capsule opacification (PCO) after AquaLase and NeoSoniX phacoemulsification methods during an 8-year follow-up. There was minimal PCO difference between these 2 approaches, AquaLase and NeoSoniX. Neither AquaLase nor NeoSoniX technique was able to prevent a natural progression of PCO.

New hybrid procedures in treating occluded arteriovenous hemodialysis grafts

Petr Bachleda, Jana Janeckova, Pavel Xinopulos, Oldrich Smakal

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):149-152 | 10.5507/bp.2015.068

This study was designed to evaluate the results of hybrid treatment of arteriovenous graft thrombosis associated with venous anastomotic stenosis. Treatment of AVG thrombosis by hybrid procedure proved to be effective and improved secondary patency.

Reconstructive procedures in maxillofacial oncosurgery

Richard Pink, Martin Molitor, Peter Tvrdy, Petr Michl, Jindrich Pazdera, Vitezslav Zboril, Bohumil Zalesak

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):153-157 | 10.5507/bp.2014.055

The originality of this work is the diversity of free flap procedures available for reconstructing defects in head and neck regions, including in the case of patients with Merkel cell carcinoma. The authors emphasise the use of intensive reconstruction surgery for tumors at lower stages of malignancy than in cases of virtually inoperable tumors.

Short communication

Familial, autosomal-dominant neurodegenerative parkinsonism with cognitive deterioration spanning five generations in a genetically isolated population of south-eastern Moravia, Czech Republic

Katerina Mensikova, Marek Godava, Petr Kanovsky, Pavel Otruba, Michaela Kaiserova, Miroslav Vastik, Lenka Mikulicova, Tereza Bartonikova, Radek Vrtel, Radek Vodicka, Sandra Kurcova, Petr Jugas, Josef Ovecka, Ludmila Sachova, Frantisek Dvorsky

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):158-160 | 10.5507/bp.2015.013

The paper describes the increased prevalence of parkinsonism in an isolated population of South -Eastern Moravia of the Czech Republic. This increased prevalence is probably caused by familial aggregation of parkinsonism, which was found in a large pedigree which originated in one of the villages of the region. The surveyed familial aggregation of parkinsonism is probably the result of genetic isolation of the regional population due to the low migration rate of its inhabitants to neighboring regions in the last two centuries.

Case reports

Malan syndrome (Sotos syndrome 2) in two patients with 19p13.2 deletion encompassing NFIX gene and novel NFIX sequence variant

Aleksandra Jezela-Stanek, Marzena Kucharczyk, Katarzyna Falana, Dorota Jurkiewicz, Marlena Mlynek, Dorota Wicher, Malgorzata Rydzanicz, Monika Kugaudo, Agata Cieslikowska, Elzbieta Ciara, Rafal Ploski, Malgorzata Krajewska-Walasek

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):161-167 | 10.5507/bp.2016.006

This case report provides insight into the phenotype of Sotos syndrome 2, providing new clinical data important for distinguishing patients with NFIX mutations and deletions within the 19p13.2 region. The authors discuss physical features consistent with Sotos syndrome 2 based on literature review and 2 new cases. The data serve as material for further studies and thus opportunity to make more reliable genotype-phenotype correlations.

Recurrent membranous tracheal stenosis with a diverticulum in a 9-year-old boy. Not all that wheezes is asthma

Frantisek Kopriva, Vitezslav Kolek

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):168-170 | 10.5507/bp.2016.009

We report the case of a 9-year-old boy with wheezing and progressive dyspnea. There was no past medical history of trauma to the respiratory tract or prior intubation. Surprisingly, flexible bronchoscopy showed circular stenosis of the trachea and the orifice of a tracheal diverticulum. The stenosis was dilated with a balloon and vaporized with an Nd:YAG laser. The reason for membranous stenosis recurrence after the laser procedure is unknown.

Letter to the editor

Letter to the Editor. Re: “Acute pancreatitis as the first manifestation of duodenal MALT lymphoma” by Ivona Simkova et al. Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub 2015;159(4):688-94. doi: 10.5507/bp.2015.047

Vitorino Modesto dos Santos

Biomed Pap Med Fac Univ Palacky Olomouc Czech Repub. 2016, 160(1):171

Letter to the Editor.