Dear Readers,

I would like to present, for the third and unfortunately the last time, conference abstracts of 16 student scientific talks that are a part of a project 303/09/H048 entitled "Molecular mechanisms of selected pathological processes in the cell."
The project was formed around 19 doctoral student positions in two institutions: the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Palacky University in Olomouc, and Institute of Biophysics in Brno. The real number of students participating in the project during the four years of its life was almost double the number of positions. All student members of the team conducted their research in five principal fields of biomedicine: medical biology, medical biophysics, biochemistry, pharmacology and pathology. Although apparently broad in scope the actual topics where not that distant. You may want to compare the abstracts published last year. Primary goal of the project was to support individual endeavors of the students and provide a communication platform for building interdepartmental teams. Such a platform was the annual two-day meeting of the entire team where the students had a nice opportunity to present their successes also in the form of oral presentations.

Martin Modrianský
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